Putting the I.T. into community!

Information Communication Technology, (ICT).


The Myths

  • It is terribly expensive to buy
  • You have to have all the latest equipment
  • It is very complicated to set up
  • It is difficult to learn


The Reality

  • ICT equipment has never been cheaper.  There are even sources of free and reduced cost equipment for VCSO's.
  • An older, second-user system can be quite good enough to meet the basic needs of most organisations.
  • A computer can be set up and connected to the Internet quite easily.  You can be sending e-mails in less than an hour.
  • You can teach an old dog some new tricks. The producer of this site was forty something before he ever used a computer.

So, how do you get started when your group doesn't have a computer and you don't know much about ICT?

You can contact us for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.  We can explain the benefits of using ICT and determine your requirements. What you will be using the equipment for will determine the specifications of the equipment.

In most cases the computer will be used to write letters, store information and send e-mails.  You will not need 'top of the range' equipment if this is the case.  Even more advanced capabilities such as producing posters and leaflets and creating slideshows can be carried out on an older machine.

Check out this links page for more in-depth information.